At our House, I changed the way I talked to myself and children about our bodies, rights and pleasure. I opened the conversation and let go of everything I was taught.

I listened to them.

I listened to those around me.

I listened within.

Through this process, I unraveled a lifetime of social conditioning, released sexual trauma and reclaimed what was rightfully mine: my body and pleasure- my birthright.

House of Other is a space and place to explore finding pleasure, unlearning what we have been told about our bodies, sex and rights and reclaiming what is ours.

I invite you in. To keep an open mind. To listen, explore and consider.

You will find essays that explore products intimately with ratings for your pleasure.

Conversations with educators that dive into what it’s like to date, have sex and be in relationship in our modern world.

Personal experiences from me; a mother of young adults, a woman exploring and redefining her sexuality, a human reclaiming her body and owning the power of her pussy.

Come sit at our table.

Ashley Kelsch is Austin’s top certified, professional dating and relationship coach and former owner of Teddies for Betty’s, a lingerie boutique that she ran for a decade.

She offers life-coaching programs to help clients acknowledge and understand limiting beliefs, to set boundaries and to learn how to change mindsets so they can get what they want in their romantic lives and feel empowered. She has a weekly podcast called Modern Renegadesand you can follow her on Instagram @AshleyMKelsch.